Pupil and Parent Voice

At The Whitley AP Academy, we use Pupil and Parent Voice to evaluate our effectiveness and make appropriate adjustments to school practice and systems to ensure we are meeting the needs of pupils. Pupils and parents / carers are consulted on a regular basis in order to maintain cooperative and beneficial relationships. The survey used to ascertain the views of Pupils and Parents of TWAPA is modelled on the OFSTED Pupil and Parent voice framework. Below are examples of three areas which demonstrate some of the positive feedback we receive from pupils and parents / carers.

96% of parents / carers and 86% of pupils agree that TWAPA has a positive effect on behaviour; this is essential to learning and transition into mainstream.

89% of parents / carers and 79% of pupils agree that TWAPA maintain high expectations; this is reflected in the pupils’ and staff conduct, teaching and learning and school ethos.

89% of parents / carers and

88% of pupils agree that they receive appropriate support at TWAPA; this is

essential to pupil progress and creating an inclusive learning environment.

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